02/27/2020 Konrad

Meet us at Digital Signage Expo 2020

Las Vegas Convention Center, Mar 31 – Apr 3, 2020 Booth: 2935

Artificial Intelligence is continuously infiltrating more and more aspects of our lives.

Some might even not realize how the decision process can be improved by allowing AI to eliminate all information noise and get straight to the point. It’s happening also in retail market — but mostly on the Internet — where targeted advertising has been taken to extreme. It is quite clear to everyone that marketing campaigns perform the best when the right product is presented to the right person. In the Internet such abilities don’t come without the controversy of collecting, processing and indefinitely storing personal data. How about if we could bring targeted advertisement to the real world? At the same time avoiding all the controversies surrounding Internet advertising.

Our innovative solution takes AI and targeted advertising into the traditional shop. We have programmed our systems to make decisions not only based on gender and size but on the appearance and style of fashion worn by your potential customer. Our ADVERGENT system can track objects in the store and customize digital signage advertising based on shopper’s behavior. Just like an experienced salesperson would do observing people roaming across the store floor. Advergent does not require any personal data. All it does is observes, processes, makes decision and discards all footage. For more details visit https://advergent.softgent.com/

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