Embedded Linux design is at the key activity that allows your hardware come alive. We believe that light, quality proven, Linux Operating System makes hardware solution complete and ready to become successful in the market. These are key values for your customers associated with Linux OS BSP:

  • Using Linux is free and deploying solution with Linux reduces total product cost
  • Majority of developers are very familiar with both the API and the kernel itself
  • Vast array of drivers and middleware components are available

To adapt Linux to a specific embedded HW a great deal of engineering effort is required. As a service company Softgent has proven track of records associated with Embedded Linux life cycle management starting from Linux development, through deployment and finishing on sustaining activities.

Our experience with kay industry proven Embedded Linux distributions such as Yocto, WindRiver, Montavista, RedHat allows us to provide a variety of Linux OS related services:

Board Support Packages

Our qualified engineering team creates and supports BSP, providing proprietary hardware support, board bring-up and special communication protocols. We have experience in developing custom bootloaders (u-boot, redboot), applying required kernel patches, integrating and developing device drivers for custom hardware. Our engineers create file systems and configure customized build environments to meet your complex requirements and unique demands.

Yocto Support

Yocto Support

We specialize in preparing scenarios for your HW using Yocto’s builds and scripts. We provide stable, traceable and secure Linux, so that you could stay up to date with the community standards. We provide complete suite for your hardware that includes boot loader, kernel and rootfs. Yocto configuration might very from adding set of required application to compiling kernel with real time PREEMPT_RT.

Linux Umbrella Services

Meeting market expectation Softgent has created Linux Umbrella Service package for customers interested in keeping their focus on the application domain. We allow you to forget about hardware problems by providing:

  • Custom APIs – developing custom hardware features using standard Linux interfaces;
  • Custom Hardware Abstraction Layers – developing layers of software components, which fully control your hardware and hardware changes, modifications and obsolescence keeping the Linux interface immutable for your application;
  • Security – validating and deploying variety of patches addressing security vulnerabilities and allowing you to provide proven and secure environment for your deployment.

Embedded Android

Addressing significant embedded industry interest in Android as operating systems targeted for mobile devices, Softgent pushes the limits of the technology and can help:

  • Produce customized systems for your embedded Android devices using variety of hardware;
  • Develop Android targeted applications, which support variety of libraries featuring communication, data and image processing;
  • Create customized launcher optimizing the look and feel of systems to integrate product or company branding.

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