Optimization of workflow management processes based on the real time and accurate position of people and objects.

Trackgent RTLS uses Ultra-Wideband radio technology operating in the 3.1 – 10.6GHz spectrum and IEEE802.15.4-2011 standard, which with proper object positioning technique and provides desired system performance.



Trackgent Smart Anchor

Air quality monitoring

The Trackgent smart anchor also monitors VOC (volatile organic compound), CO (carbon monoxide), H₂S (hydrogen sulfide) and O₂ (oxygen) air quality. Actual air quality helps ensure and control optimal operating conditions.

Integrated remote

One of the unique features of the Trackgent smart anchor is the infrared blaster function, which provides the ability to control devices in the room controlled by this IR (e.g. setting the parameters of the air conditioning unit, controlling media devices (TV, radio, etc.).

Enhanced security

Communication between the system components is secured to guarantee the safety and correctness of the transmitted data. The implemented system assures tags provisioning.

Easy to install

The anchors have been designed so that installation requires only a power supply. Both the configuration and operation of the system are ensured by the radio interfaces provided by the anchor.

Resistance to obstacles

All Trackgent anchors, with the exception of the Iot sensor anchor, can be successfully installed in a suspended ceiling space, further simplifying installation and eliminating aesthetic disruption to the room.

Environment control

The Trackgent smart anchor allows you to monitor room conditions giving real readings of temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure. The anchor also monitors noise and light levels. Real-time readings are available through the API for integration into building management systems.

Download Anchor Datasheet

Smart tags

Trackgent Badge Tag

Designed to enable location with an accuracy of 20cm. Optimized for battery consumption maximizing the time without charging. Rechargeable. Encapsulated in personal badge housing allows for quick swapping without changing user habits. Integrated NFC allows for extensive use beyond RTLS.

Trackgent E-Paper Tag

Provides the functionality of Small Tag except that it provides a communication channel allowing to send messages to the tag user. Messages, as well as tag owner data are displayed on a high-quality e-paper display. A built-in vibration feature makes it easy to notify about incoming message and NFC enables integration with non-RTLS systems.

Trackgent Embedded Tag

Available in the 2nd half of 2021. Developed together with Protektor SA to enable localization of the tag located in the footwear. Innovative tag opens up previously unavailable opportunities to optimize production and warehouse processes, and improve the efficiency of issues related to health and safety at work.



Product Presentations

Download Tag Datasheet