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As a services company, SOFTGENT is committed to leading our customers through the IoT industrial revolution by providing comprehensive products, solution building-blocks and world-class engineering services.

We serve to enable unobtainable

We model software and hardware blocks, helping our clients manage the entire data chain.

We innovate to increase your competitiveness

We turn concepts into innovations and enable our clients to win by increasing products values and reducing time to market. We leverage our product portfolio to make it possible.

We accelerate to take your IoT to the right market

We enable hardware functions by software development services, and we preserve these functions by sustaining services.

We stay to help you get maximum

We help our clients to get maximum out of their product by implementing technical support and product longevity strategies.

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Company information

SOFTGENT Sp. z o.o.
Budowlanych 31d/301
Piętro 2 & 3
80-298 Gdańsk

+48 882 177 757

Waterford Business Park
5201 Blue Lagoon Drive
8th & 9th Floor
Miami, FL 33126, USA

+1 904 902 2554

Additional information

NIP: 9581679801
REGON: 367090912
KRS: 0000674406

Certificate ISO 9001:2015


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