Addressing the 4 main challenges of industrial manufacturing using an IOT system that offers RTLS functionality

These are times of pervasive solutions where devices monitor, analyse and process data. The knowledge built from this data is a tool for making business decisions. ...

Supporting our engineers’ passions and charitable activities

It is always nice to see how engineers develop their passions. This year one of our engineers took part in a charity rally Zlombol. ...

Softgent press release

Protektor S.A., a leader and one of the largest manufacturers of specialty footwear in Europe, will collaborate with Softgent Sp. z o.o. in the design of the “smart footwear” ...

System Integration Testing

It is common for organizations that in house validation departments are tasked to assure product quality. The task is not an easy one, especially if it comes to ...

[White Paper] Technical Solution for Epidemiological Quarantine Patients Monitoring

The COVID-19 pandemic has turned our world around. Many of us freely decided to isolate ourselves to slow down the spread of the virus. ...

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