The Internet of Things (IoT) continues to spread across industries delivering variety of applications. This revolution has many tracks. Softgent’s commitment as vertically integrated company is to help our customers manage market fragmentation challenges. We focus on providing end-to-end quality and cost-effective solutions.


Flexible, Scalable, Manageable and Secure Platform
that simplifies everything you need to deploy commercial IoT.


  • Light weight, microservice based, gateway software.
  • Hardware agnostic.
  • Embeddable programming plugin architecture allows to customize data collection at the edge, process it in a specific to your business IoT domain and dispatch the essence to the cloud.

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Microservices Engine

Smart Edge

— Manageability

Platform provides cloud-based management interface.

Intuitive IoT hardware and software orchestrator provides control, manageability, and straightforward provisioning functions to streamline your IoT deployment maintenance.

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Flexgent Cloud

ManagementCloud Interface


Flexible data flow architecture and native support to most common communication protocols and programming languages makes sensing devices integration very easy.

Configurable dispatchers will send data to any cloud destinations.

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Programming Flexibility

— Security

Zero touch secure gateway provisioning in the field achieved through TPM based certificate management.

TLS connections allow to authenticate and authorize entire hardware and software directly from cloud-based management interface. Both directions.

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Flexgent Security

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