Let’s meet at HANNOVER MESSE — HANNOVER MESSE is a place where industry meets innovation. We invite everyone interested in technological innovations in real-time indoor positioning and IoT to booth D34/1 in Hall 002, where you will be able to see live demonstrations of TRACKGENT our RTLS solution.  You will also be able to learn from […]

These days, it doesn’t hurt to save a little

These days, it doesn’t hurt to save a little — This statement is being heard more and more often in various organizations. We are operating in a difficult and uncertain geopolitical reality with a high inflation level resulting in rising costs of doing business. In such circumstances many companies are looking for ways not to pass […]

Real RTLS ROI associated with preventing nosocomial infections

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that over 5% of all hospital admissions end in a Healthcare-Acquired Infection (HAI), resulting in about 1,7 million infections and 99,000 deaths each year. The cost associated with HAIs is estimated to be at least $25,000 per infection [1]. It should be assumed that a hospital equipped with 100-199 beds receives an average of about 6,000 patients per year. Among these patients, about 5% are those experiencing HAIs, generating an additional cost of $7.5 million, which is a considerable amount.

A Few Safety Facts When Dealing With Forklifts.

One of the most common workplace accidents in manufacturing are incidents involving forklifts. OSHA’s most current directive estimates, that in the United States alone, 35,000 serious and as many as 62,000 less serious forklift accidents happen per year.

EDGE Company to watch in 2022

EDGE Company to watch in 2022 Thank you to STL Partners for the invitation to share information about how SOFTGENT is contributing and innovating to the evolving EDGE. We have turnkey technology solutions that enable easy and scalable data processing right at the EDGE and we’re happy to be recognized in the “100 Companies to […]

5 reasons to consider implementing TRACKGENT IoT RTLS in your production environment

5 reasons to consider implementing TRACKGENT IoT RTLS in your production environment The success of a manufacturing business depends on many factors and requires continuous improvement. On one hand, production managers do their best to optimize processes in order to minimize production time and to ensure high quality of the manufactured products. On the other […]

Softgent Press Release

Softgent Press Release Protektor S.A., a leader and one of the largest manufacturers of specialty footwear in Europe, will collaborate with Softgent Sp. z o.o. in the design of the “smart footwear” based on the Flexgent IoT technology. Softgent Sp. z o.o., a company specializing in providing IoT services and solutions, will engage its R&D […]