5 reasons to consider implementing TRACKGENT IoT RTLS in your production environment

The success of a manufacturing business depends on many factors and requires continuous improvement. On one hand, production managers do their best to optimize processes in order to minimize production time and to ensure high quality of the manufactured products.

On the other hand, ensuring the safety of employees guarantees continuity of work and translates into expected business results. The versatility of the TRACKGENT system gives many possibilities and the results of commercial implementations confirm a quick return on investment.

1. Track the location and utilization of tools used in production

A common problem in manufacturing plants is efficient access to specialized, often unique tools and machinery. The ability to utilize TRACKGENT and quickly locate these tools can have a significant improvement of production efficiency. To prevent unnecessary downtime, a process of maintaining tools in a good technical condition is necessary. The way and amount of usage – that can be provided by TRACKGENT – can be a great indicator to determine the necessity of maintenance activities.

2. Monitoring the effectiveness of production workers

It’s no secret that human labor can vary in efficiency. Productivity is often linked to quality – and finding the golden mean is a key problem for many production managers. The TRACKGENT system provides data related to the time an employee spends in a machine’s work zone. By analyzing the time and the result in the form of a manufactured product or semi-finished product it is possible to determine the efficiency of the employee. By comparing the efficiency of a group of employees it is possible to identify problems and mitigate them by, for example, providing additional training for production staff with lower efficiency.

3. Employee safety as a guarantee of uninterrupted production

Downtime in production is mainly caused by technical problems with machines or accidents during operation. The ideal would be a production line that eliminates all potential risks to employees. Our customers use TRACKGENT to mitigate the risks associated with unauthorized access to machinery. This is especially important in industries that use heavy machinery such as presses, cutters, etc. It is possible to configure the production process in such a way that a machine can only be started up if an authorized person is in the designated area of the machine.

4. It's good to know in advance so you don't put yourself in danger

Forklifts on the factory floor are one of the most common participants in workplace accidents. TRACKGENT can be successfully used to create a notification system based on the proximity warning concept. It is possible to inform an employee or forklift truck operator of a potential hazard in order to trigger an appropriate preventive response.

5. A friendly working environment guarantees employee satisfaction and efficiency

Every manufacturing company knows about the requirements and restrictions of providing a friendly working environment. Providing the right conditions not only guarantees the business license but also has a positive impact on the employees’ perception of the employer’s care for their comfort. TRACKGENT, in addition to location-based services, provides continuous monitoring of environmental conditions, including noise levels, air quality and basic environmental conditions such as temperature and pressure. The IoT functions offered by our TRACKGENT location system enable our customers to continuously monitor their work environment without having to implement and pay for additional and dedicated environment monitoring systems.

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