Compliance Engineering as a Service

Every product that reaches the market must meet certain requirements that guarantee the safety of its users. These standards and norms are governed by several organizations and their specifics and complexity depends on the market the product operates in.

System Integration Testing

System Integration Testing It is common for organizations that in house validation departments are tasked to assure product quality. The task is not an easy one, especially if it comes to systems composed of hardware and software building blocks integrated to deliver an expected functionality. It might be even more complex to validate these systems […]

Partnering is essential to IoT

Partnering is essential to IoT The concept of many sensing devices connected to Internet to gather large amount of data for decision making processes has already been applied to many different vertical markets. It also engages a lot of different technologies. Just consider connectivity alone in how many different ways it can be realized. It […]

A business case for Own Linux Distribution

A business case for Own Linux Distribution The Linux Operating System is primary a software platform used with embedded devices. Its dominance is well-deserved. It offers a full set of features and assures device performance. It is well documented and – what is one of the key drivers of its success – it’s “free”. There […]

Software done right

Software done right As a service company specializing in software we have seen many different approaches to development process. We have observed that different perspectives, different focus and different needs might significantly change the approach to development. In Softgent, to comply to variety of our customers’ needs, we must be flexible. We always discuss project […]