Compliance Engineering as a Service

Every product that reaches the market must meet certain requirements that guarantee the safety of its users. These standards and norms are governed by several organizations and their specifics and complexity depends on the market the product operates in.

Some markets require product certification which is necessary to start offering a product. Other markets require a declaration of conformity which is a kind of risk reduction process for the manufacturer. The map of standards faced by a hardware manufacturers or software developers is complex and often requires expert knowledge. Obtaining qualifications and experience in the area of compliance is therefore a complicated , time-consuming and costly affair. Building in-house competence in this area only makes sense if a large number of products is manufactured, which are addressing several markets. Otherwise it makes sense to use the competence and experience of others. Such an approach guarantees not only the optimal use of resources, but, above all, allows to quickly achieve business goals for manufactured products.


Specify your needs and we will create a service to address them. If you need a compliance scope assessment for a case study of your project, or if you need a qualified team consisting of a compliance engineer and testing engineers to perform a comprehensive certification for you – you pay only for the scope of the service, you don’t need to hire qualified employees or contractors for a prolonged period of time.

Wide range of competence

We are qualified and experienced in conducting security compliance for electronic devices for Europe, the US, China and India. We can help you build and verify computer systems with specific requirements for shock & vibe, electromagnetic emissions or operation under high pressure or the impact of adverse weather conditions.

If you are launching a product on the market, and want to make sure that it meets market requirements, If you want to optimize compliance costs and at the same time reduce risks associated with non-compliance – we invite you to cooperate with us.

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