Nearshore Software development and testing


If there is one thing that Covid has convinced many of us, it is that more remote working is possible than originally thought.

If employers, driven by the risk of infection, can successfully have their team of software developers and testers function remotely and in isolation, then the same work can be performed at least as well by a remote team that is in the same location. It is of course a great advantage if this team is in the same time zone or in a time zone with minimal difference from that of the client.

Yet many potential clients have reservations about outsourcing, and in particular outsourcing abroad.

First of all, there are the costs that outsourcing usually entails, especially if the outsourcing takes place in your own country. Outsourcing to a country where labor costs are currently still lower than in your own country offers a solution here.

In addition, there is the distance. It is often thought that a team abroad is difficult to reach. Choosing a service provider that has a good connection with direct flights to the client also overcomes this barrier.

Knowledge retention is also often considered. A cooperative client will ensure that the required knowledge is available among sufficient employees, so that in the event of temporary or permanent failure of an employee, the work can be continued seamlessly. Service contracts or knowledge transfer to the client ensure that the acquired knowledge is retained even after the end of a development process.

Finally, trust plays a major role. Unknown makes unloved. There is often doubt as to whether communication will proceed well, or whether the service provider will meet expectations. Something that even I underestimated for a long time is the role that one contact person who speaks the client’s language fluently can play.

Softgent has an answer for all the above reasons for outsourcing software development or testing abroad, especially for companies in the Netherlands and the Flemish part of Belgium. Softgent is a solid service provider for software development and testing processes, among other things. Situated in Gdansk in the vicinity of the airport, there is a direct connection to both Eindhoven and Amsterdam. Where desired and possible, Softgent will expand the project team in such a way that continuity is guaranteed. Finally, Softgent has a Dutch account manager who will provide advice and assistance throughout the entire process.

If you would like to know more about software or test processes, or any of the other services or products that Softgent has in its portfolio, please contact us.

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