Industrial IoT

IIoT for enhanced efficiency, safety, and innovation - leveraging real-time data and smart automation


Enhance Operational Efficiency and Productivity

IIoT brings the power of smart automation and predictive maintenance to your fingertips. By connecting machinery, sensors, and systems, IIoT enables real-time monitoring and control of industrial processes. Predictive maintenance algorithms predict equipment failures before they occur, minimizing downtime and extending the lifespan of your assets.

The result? A seamless, efficient production line that maintains peak performance with reduced operational costs.

Real-Time Asset Visibility

Efficiently track machinery and tools' location and status with Trackgent asset-tracking solutions. Instant visibility reduces search time and enhances operational flexibility.

Predictive Maintenance and Equipment Health

Utilize IIoT tech for real-time equipment health monitoring, leading to predictive maintenance and optimal working conditions. This reduces downtime and maintenance costs.

Hygiene and Sanitization Monitoring

Ensure strict cleanliness and safety in industrial settings like food processing or pharmaceuticals. IIoT monitors equipment sanitization, ensuring compliance with regulations and maintaining product quality and workplace safety.

Optimized Equipment Utilization

Analyze equipment utilization data with our Flexgent IIoT platform, guiding strategic machinery deployment to prevent overinvestment in underutilized assets. Drive significant cost savings and productivity gains by streamlining operations and allocating resources effectively.

Elevate Safety and Compliance

In the industrial sector, safety is the most important. IIoT technologies ensure that safety protocols are not just met but exceeded. Environmental monitoring sensors detect hazardous conditions in real-time, triggering immediate responses to mitigate risks. Wearable devices for workers offer health monitoring and location tracking, enhancing emergency response and ensuring a safer workplace for all.

With IIoT, compliance with industry regulations becomes a streamlined, automated process, safeguarding your operations against potential violations and penalties.

Hazardous Environment Detection and Alerting

Monitor industrial hazards with IIoT sensors, promptly alerting workers and management upon detection. Enable swift action to prevent accidents or health issues.

Intelligent Emergency Response

Improve emergency response with IIoT connectivity, providing smart evacuation guidance and real-time personnel tracking. Equip first responders with crucial details, expediting response efforts.

Forklift safety and collision avoidance

Enhance material handling safety with our advanced IIoT platform's forklift system. Track location and speed, preventing accidents by alerting drivers and automatically adjusting speed. Gain operational insights to optimize traffic flow and workplace safety.

Operator Authentication and Machine Access Control

Boost material handling safety with IIoT's smart forklift system, tracking location and speed to prevent accidents. Automatically adjust speed and provide management insights for optimizing operations and workplace safety.

Your Trusted Industrial Solution

The platform provides data source integration, extensive processing at the edge, and mechanisms for deployment of data to cloud-based expert systems.The platform provides powerful mechanisms for deployment management, such as device provisioning, environment management and scalability.

Why Chose Our Industrial IoT Solutions?

Discover our cutting-edge industrial IoT solution, meticulously designed to enhance efficiency, ensure safety, and foster innovation across various sectors. From advanced remote monitoring systems to seamless real-time tracking capabilities, our products are engineered to enhance outcomes while simultaneously reducing costs.

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