Paweł Jowsa

Head of Advanced Networking BU

Paweł Jowsa is a distinguished engineering professional with over 20 years of experience, currently leading the Advanced Networking BU at Softgent Sp. z o.o. in Gdańsk. His expertise spans a range of engineering roles, with a focus on product quality and systems integration, particularly in telecommunications and advanced networking technologies like 5G (ORAN, OpenCore) and WiFi 6/7.

Paweł’s career includes a notable stint as Director of Sustaining Engineering at Softgent, where he managed engineering support activities for manufacturing and customer service. Before that, he served as a Quality and System Engineer at Radisys Poland Sp.z o.o., where he utilized quality management tools to enhance company metrics. His early career saw him in roles at Ericsson, working on microwave design and the integration of mobile communication systems.

He holds a Master’s degree in Radio Communication from the Technical University of Gdansk and has pursued additional professional development through certifications in project management and quality management. Paweł’s professional skills extend to extensive knowledge of operating systems and networking protocols, and he is well-versed in various project management and quality control methodologies.

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