Integrate the EDGE

Flexgent provides complete flexibility to the data collection layer. The specifics of virtually any communication protocol can be added at any time by extending the IoT gateway software stack. The gateway software is built on the concept of microservices supported by an efficient LCM process.

This allows any software package to be deployed or upgraded directly from a securely connected cloud to the IoT gateway. Flexgent provides out-of-the box support for a number of the most common methods of communication between a sensor device and a gateway supporting: WiFi, BTLE, ZigBee, UWB, Ethernet, COM, USB and more.

Empower the EDGE

The time when EDGE acquired data sent to centralized cloud infrastructure has passed. Now, the EDGE is evolving to reduce data transfer and data processing costs. 

Flexgent enables arbitrary data processing at the edge of the network, maximizing the utilization of the computing resources present there. Acquired raw data from sensory devices can be redirected to one or more microservices for preprocessing. Multiple edge gateways and edge server infrastructure can be utilized to increase computing power without the need for cloud deployment.

Manage the EDGE

Management of IoT deployment, especially in case of entrusting the edge infrastructure with data processing tasks in distributed architecture, requires appropriate tools. 

The Flexgent platform includes several interrelated software components prepared in a container architecture. They provide a scalable, flexible system agnostic to commercial cloud providers providing full freedom of deployment (in the public or private cloud). 

The system is fully scalable – both horizontally by increasing the number of managed sensor devices, IOT gateways or edge servers, and vertically by providing container-orchestration on the cloud side. Intuitive user interface facilitates access to the most important management functions and system API ensures easy integration with other cloud applications.

Dispatch the EDGE (to the Cloud)

Much can be done directly on the edge, but there may still be a need for the big data processing offered by a centralized cloud. Flexgent platform makes it easy to integrate with any systems focused on data processing and data presentation. To address the potential need to integrate the data processing and presentation layer with the IoT deployment management application, the user interface software was created based on Angular Microfrontend Revolution. 

This solution provides a non-invasive and transparent way to create dedicated applications with a unique and original, but integrated presentation layer.