Software done right

As a service company specializing in software we have seen many different approaches to development process.

We have observed that different perspectives, different focus and different needs might significantly change the approach to development. In Softgent, to comply to variety of our customers’ needs, we must be flexible. We always discuss project expectations, process requirements, delivery objectives in the initial phase of engagement.

Knowledge gathered during such collaboration allows us to build and an adequate engineering team. The flexibility of our engineers allows them to quickly become extensions of our customers’ teams, where they contribute effectively from day one of engagement. The following list outlines the foundation of our engineers approach to increasing their adoption abilities:

  • Understand customer requirements of technology and processes
  • Communicate often, avoid assuming, verify, agree
  • Find the instance of basics. Feature requirements as input to HLD. Software implemented with relevant unit testing.
  • Comply with industry standards specific to vertical deployment sector.
  • Quality delivered in early stage of development and validation.


Keeping these best known methods helps our engineers to perform professionally and effectively – but to close the service loop we also enable regular delivery milestones or delivery performance reviews as an input to continuous improvement process.

With these principles stitched into our work culture Softgent can guarantee quality of software deliverables. Our customers can rely on us during the development process as well as during the sustaining period. All services are typically packed and marked with very competitive price tag that allows our customers save significant amount of R&D cost or simply do much more for the same budget.

Please let us know If you are interested to find out how Softgent can help your organization with software development and software sustaining.

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