Partnering is essential to IoT

The concept of many sensing devices connected to Internet to gather large amount of data for decision making processes has already been applied to many different vertical markets. It also engages a lot of different technologies. Just consider connectivity alone in how many different ways it can be realized.

It is a well-known fact in the market that without cooperation and collaboration it is impossible to address all market needs and monetize on potential. Softgent, as services company is continuously engaging with partners to bring solutions to our customers. In IoT we are working very closely with Advantech, world’s leading industrial computer manufacturer. Advantech’s IoT vision is to “co-create” with worldwide partners to develop comprehensive solutions for variety of applications. Advantech adopted their reliable hardware to be connected with WISE-PaaS – cloud platform created for simplifying IoT deployment.

Softgent, with our FLEXGENT solution, has decided to become a part of this vision. Our software can be easily deployed with variety of Advantech’s gateway hardware solutions to enable edge intelligence and deliver data up to the cloud. We had a pleasure to demo our Flexgent IoT Management Cloud application as WISE-PaaS Service Ready Package (SRP) during Advantech’s World Partner Conference which took place January 16-17 in Taipei. On the conference we demonstrated healthcare connectivity application – however the outstanding flexibility of FLEXGENT allows it to be used for almost unlimited number of vertical market applications. Currently, besides IoT management features that come with FLEXGENT, it is possible to adopt any WISE-PaaS data processing applications to create a full IoT solution.

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