Shaping the future

Have you noticed how many technologies from Sci-Fi movies became recently real innovations? SOFTGENT as leading edge company also shapes the future and participate in technological transformation of the world around us. Check how we do that.

Sci-Fi technologies that came true

It’s always amusing to look into science fiction from the past and see inventions that became reality. A Two-way videophone concept was demonstrated back in 1927 in the movie “Metropolis”. Now everyone has one in their cell phone. Another example is Nike MAG available for purchase in 2011, similar to Maty McFly’s shoes from “Back to the Future”. There are many more examples confirming that the future is actually now. Softgent’s favorite inventions that came true are coming from Spielberg’s “Minority Report”, a movie that is based on Philip K. Dick’s short story from 1956. Tom Cruise incarnating John Anderton uses gestures and special gloves to operate computer systems. These days gesture-based controls are widely deployed in almost all vertical application for computer systems – starting from automotive through healthcare.

Softgent’s innovation that shapes the future

When we implemented our AI based system which personalizes digital signage advertising, we immediately had flashbacks from the “Minority Report” movie. We have realized that we had actually made one more invention from the past science fiction to become true. If you have seen this movie you might remember the scene, when Tom Cruise walks down the hall observed by cameras and products that match his profile are advertised based on the scan of his retina. Softgent’s solution is not that frightening. We use machine learning and image recognition to classify people that are approaching digital signage screens. Based on what we see we decide which product to promote. It’s all about efficiency.

Imagine how much more efficient your advertising campaign could be if you were showing your products only to people that are most interested in it? If you’d like to learn more check for more details.

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