How transforming your product to be smart and connected revolutionizes the customer experience and increases competitiveness?

The IoT revolution is well underway.

We are all part of it and willingly or unwillingly everyone uses products that are equipped with various types of sensors. In our homes, we have started to use smart bulbs that can be controlled from a cell phone. Municipal applications show the level of air pollution. We even keep our blood pressure and weight measurements on a mobile app so we can show them to the doctor or better monitor our weight.

The revolution is already here – and the only question is where and if it will stop. It’s more of a rhetorical question at this point, but one thing we do know for sure – many more of our everyday products are in for a revolution. Technological revolution over time is no longer ho-hum. It usually happens when technology investors find the proverbial golden egg somewhere else. The technologies that have taken the IoT’s crown as the leader of the tech revolution are AI and blockchain. But that’s not a bad thing.

During this phase, IoT projects become more thoughtful, especially in terms of the benefits that flow from them. Consumer benefits generate increased competitiveness and allow products to succeed and, above all, not be left behind but keep up with the changing world. The $64 take it or leave it question is whether your product is ready for transformation and if it’s a good time to get started. We see it this way.

You need to answer the question of whether your consumers are ready to positively answer the question why do I need this?

If this answer is „OK I get it” then they will remain loyal consumers and it is very likely that there will be additional customers. It sounds simple, but it is not.
Will mothers buying diapers appreciate the fact that they are equipped with a sensor that reports filling? Possibly, although the fear of putting a battery-powered sensor in a baby’s diaper may significantly limit the number of potential buyers. The question is tricky and only the certainty of an affirmative answer with the analysis of consumer perception guarantees market success.

You must ensure that the technology is not cumbersome and provides ease of use and clear benefits from the changes made to the product.

This is where the stairs begin. Consumers who are used to a certain status quo are reluctant to change for the better. It’s full of people who shy away from novelty. Until they appreciate the change that technology offers them, which is measurable by making their lives more comfortable, they will be on the fence. We will always have the gadgeteers on our side, but do they constitute most recipients of your product? Probably not. The practical reality is that if technology can make things safer, most consumers are interested. So, it’s a good idea to look for improvements that guarantee this benefit. For example, a refrigerator. 

Quite a complicated device, there are already some with TV. I don’t know how many consumers would catch on, but if you were to install a sensor inside that can distinguish between different vapors and gases in the air, as opposed to merely detecting the overall presence of gaseous contaminants, the sensor could be used for detecting food freshness compromised by the growth of bacteria. It seems that a refrigerator with such a feature can be sold a few dollars more and such technology can make customers choose a manufacturer offering it.

At SOFTGENT we help customers transform everyday products into smart, connected products that offer market-value. Cloud connectivity is provided by our IoT platform FLEXGENT, guaranteeing security and scalability. Our proven and ready-to-use solutions allow for a fast implementation of your project, thus avoiding dependence on leading cloud providers and preserving freedom of choice and flexibility for the future. If you are just about to make your product more innovative with IoT solutions, see how we can help.

Please contact us – we are happy to provide more details.

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