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The Challenge

  • The efficiency of the mid-grade medical personnel is a key to a healthcare organization
  • Nursing shortages lead to errors, higher morbidity, and mortality rates.
  • In hospitals with high patient-to-nurse ratios, nurses experience burnout, dissatisfaction, and the patients experienced higher mortality and failure-to-rescue rates than facilities with lower patient-to-nurse ratios
  • The healthcare organizations are looking for technology that can optimize, automate and improve the quality of nurse’s work

The Solution

  • Flexgent RTLS (Real-Time-Logistic-Services) extension provides the capability to detect nurse’s location
  • Nurse mobile app is provided with a list of tasks per location and is used to confirm tasks accomplishments
  • Flexgent gateways provide nurse access to automated vital sign measures in each hospital room
  • The solution can detect nurse with an accuracy of 1.5 min side of the building
  • RTLS tags can be possibly assigned to patients and medical devices to extend location services
  • All devices are managed by Flexgent MCA that assures high availability and simplifies hospital IT maintenance
  • Vital signs measures supported by patient identification (ex. QR scan) can be sent directly to integrated EHRs

The Benefits

  • Improved nurse tasks flow increases efficiency of the care coordination and performance, which leads to reduced operational costs
  • Efficient task management, human error elimination improves outcome and increase personnel satisfaction and increases patients’ safety
  • Quick time-to-market
    Competitive overall deployment costs
  • Reliable, scalable, and secure solution that can easily be integrated with existing HIS/EHR
  • Access to quality Softgent’s post-sale services

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