Healthcare - Telemedicine

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The Challenge

  • The healthcare industry is looking for technology that could enable medical centers to monitor their patients remotely, in the comfort of their houses, and without a need for hospital visits
  • The solution shall be reliable from a communication standpoint with guaranteed quality of service
  • The solution shall be flexible to allow integration with existing healthcare informatics systems

The Solution

  • Enable patients to perform regular, scheduled, or quarantine related recommended self-health checks.
  • Utilize wireless, medical-grade, FDA approved, BTLE thermometers, pulsometers, and blood pressure gauge connected to the system for accurate results that are resistant to human errors. Flexgent supports almost any manufacturers and medical device vendors.
  • Record measurement results in dedicated Health Record Systems with reporting and analysis capabilities. Easy integration with HIS/EHR systems while utilizing Flexgent off-the-shelf HL7 FHIR support, and Medical Proxy solutions.
  • Enable patients to access two-way distance communication channels to healthcare specialists for consultations or in case of emergency.
  • All deployed Remote Patient Monitoring devices, as well as the quality of communication channels, are managed and real-time controlled to assure best in class quality of service.

The Benefits

  • Valuable, Reliable telemedicine systems firmed by healthcare providers reduce the overall cost of healthcare, improve examination turn-around, and influence patient’s satisfaction
  • Quick time-to-market
  • Competitive overall deployment costs
  • The reliable, scalable, and secure solution that can easily be integrated with existing HIS/EHR
  • Access to quality post-sale services

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