Industry 4.0 - Production efficiency

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The Challenge

  • Production efficiency can be improved by eliminating human errors
  • Human errors lead to production downtimes
  • Manufacturers are looking for technologies that provide a fast and effective reaction to downtimes, quick problem detection, fault analyses, and improvements
  • Solutions that are provided with dedicated machinery are insufficient –as a typical manufacturing floor is a home for many different types of machinery coming from different vendors

The Solution

  • Recognition and reaction to visual signals regardless of the manufacturer and without interfering with the machine
  • People detection (counting, gathering recognition, etc.)
  • Immediate registration of the event in the system
  • Immediate information about the event on the operator’s mobile device
  • Operator reaction efficiency analysis
  • Data analysis for continuous improvement
  • Systematic approach to problem-solving
  • Scheduling maintenance tasks

The Benefits

  • Flexgent integrated with proprietary LINEGENT and DIRIGENT software provides ready to integrate solution to improve manufacturing efficiency
  • Machine Learning microservice deployed with Flexgent helps to make a decision right at the edge
  • Possibility to integrate with other sensing devices to deliver further improvements to manufacturing efficiency

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