Telco - Edge efficiency

The 5G is just around the corner. It has been designed to provide communication platform for IoT sort of applications.

The Challenge

  • International Data Corporation (IDC) predicts that by 2025, nearly 45% of the world’s data will move closer to the network edge
  • Latency and bandwidth optimizations have clearly become the most driving factors in edge computing importance
  • Service providers are looking for solutions that would allow them utilize edge infrastructure, reduce traffic and cloud processing – which can generate significant operation savings

The Solution

  • Flexgent customized microservice for the far edge gateway can utilize lightweight, edge specific hardware to process IoT acquired data and make a decision right at the edge
  • Flexibility of the solution enables end customers to easily create custom microservice using .NET C# templates and IOT Fabric features
  • Created microservices are managed by Flexgent LCM and can be deployed to the edge directly from Flexgent Management Cloud
  • Edge processing can be even distributed across many far edge gateways to provide additional processing capabilities
  • Such lightweight and low-cost hardware as Nvidia JETSON NAN, with limited GPU capacity with Image Classifier AI microservice and Flexgent framework, allowed us to reach the following video stream object detection performance characteristics:
    Image resolution (FPS)
    224×224 (10 FPS)
    320×320 (8 FPS)
    416×416 (6-7 FPS)
  • With such preprocessing right at the far Edge service providers can limit frames that are sent to cloud-only to ones with detected objects. Redacting cloud processing demand and up to the cloud steaming service providers can generate significant operational savings.

The Benefits

  • Utilizing far edge infrastructure Service Providers by adopting Flexgent solution, can significantly improve operation costs by limiting network traffic and reducing cloud processing
  • With Flexgent far edge preprocessing can provide immediate decision-making capabilities or could be used to filter out meaning-less data close to the acquisition source
  • Far edge microservice implementation is easy and robust. Softgent professional services team can be utilized to assure quick time-to-market

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