United Nation’s Food and Agriculture Organisation believes that innovation, in general and particularly in agriculture, is the central driving force for achieving a world free from hunger and malnutrition. One of the most forward-looking form of innovation is setting farming to optimize resource allocation. Nothing can better predict what’s needed than actual sensing data. Even such simple weather forecasting sensors as rain, humidity or sunshine can bring valuable enough data points to increase farming efficiency. Market already provides sensors that control soil quality indicating level of nutrients or moisture.

There are also interesting initiatives around animal wearables to monitor health condition of the livestock. All these technologies require reliable and secure connectivity. Softgnet’s Flexgent and its micro services flexibility has been designed not only to connect and integrate variety of sensing devices but also to provide easy to use platform for IoT infrastructure manageability.

— Enabling AI for agriculture analytics

There is a lots of valuable data points valuable for agriculture efficiency that can be obtained from pictures. Analysing images and making right decisions based on visible conditions of yields or animals can influence production capability. Flexgent with AI micro services can provide image classification capabilities right at the edge gateway.

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