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Flexible, Scalable, Manageable and Secure Platform that simplifies everything you need to deploy commercial IoT.

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Flexgent is an enterprise-class IoT platform designed to facilitate the deployment of secure and scalable Internet of Things solutions.

The platform provides data source integration, extensive processing at the edge, and mechanisms for deployment of data to cloud-based expert systems.The platform provides powerful mechanisms for deployment management, such as device provisioning, environment management and scalability.

the EDGE with Flexgent

Integrate the EDGE

Flexgent provides complete flexibility to the data collection layer. The specifics of virtually any communication protocol can be added at any time by extending the IoT gateway software stack.

Manage the EDGE

Management of IoT deployment, especially in case of entrusting the edge infrastructure with data processing tasks in distributed architecture, requires appropriate tools.

Empower the EDGE

The time when EDGE acquired data sent to centralized cloud infrastructure has passed. Now, the EDGE is evolving to reduce data transfer and data processing costs.

Dispatch from the EDGE

Much can be done directly on the edge, but there may still be a need for the big data processing offered by a centralized cloud.



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Why Choose Softgent for Your IoT Needs?

Softgent is the go-to solution provider for industrial IoT engineering services, and our IoT platform, Flexgent, is known for its flexibility, scalability, and security. We are one of the most efficient IoT solution providers in the market, making everything simpler and easier for you. Our experienced team of professionals is capable of providing you with the best IoT solutions to maximize your business’s potential. We take pride in offering top-notch support to our clients as well, and we work with you every step of the way to make sure that your IoT deployment is successful.